Can I convert to Judaism?

Some people want to become Jewish because they wish to create a Jewish family with a Jewish partner, and others feel drawn purely by the religious experience of being a Jew. We will invite everyone with any interest to an initial discussion with a Rabbi, who we will help to find if you wish, and who will explore with you your interests and motivation. If moving forward with the process seems to be the right next step, you will be invited to join us for services for at least a few months, so we can get to know each other. We will also encourage you to visit other Jewish communities during this time, so that you can find out whether Reform Judaism is right for you. The formal conversion process may begin after this initial period, and includes a minimum of a year (although in practice this period is around 18 months at least) of committed study, in classes at the synagogue, and attendance at regular Shabbat and festival services. Finally, successful candidates are invited to ‘appear’ before our Reform Beit Din, of three rabbis, in London, with circumcision having been arranged for men, and immersion in the mikveh, or ritual pool, for men and women. We welcome our newest members at a special service at the synagogue soon after

Children can also be converted along with a parent.

Some people say it’s a lifelong process, with learning and change long after the official ‘end’, as conversion is about a change of identity and a new sense of belonging. It isn’t for everyone, and people often decide after the initial meeting that this is really not for them. If that happens, we are happy to have played a part in their spiritual journey.

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